3 Credit Cards That Make Summer Travel More Affordable

Credit cards that include reward programs offer customers much more than a convenient way to pay for purchases. They include benefits designed to help clients save on travel costs and are excellent options for those who want to defray vacation expenses. Currently the top 3 credit cards for the summer include products issued by Chase Bank and American Express. In addition to issuing rewards points that can be used for travel discounts, both companies are attracting customers by offering dining, hotel and airline service credits.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Is a Must Have

Among entry level travel credit cards, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is a standout. Customers pay a budget-friendly $95.00 annual fee which Chase waives the first year. It allows customers to earn rewards points which they can redeem directly or transfer to 13 airlines. Points can also be applied to a range of hotel loyalty programs. The card’s impressive list of benefits includes rental car insurance and double travel and dining points.

A Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Offers High End Benefits

Chase also offers a high-end travel card that is often considered the premier product in its class. For an annual fee of $450.00 customers have access to perks that can more than cover the yearly charge. Cardholders earn triple dining and travel points. The card entitles owners and their guests to priority pass select membership in 1,000 airports worldwide. When a customer uses their card to pay for a TSA pre-check fee, the charge is refunded to them. In addition, every customer is automatically credited $300 annually towards travel purchases.

An American Express Platinum Card Includes Exceptional Perks

American Express offers one of the most sought-after high-end travel credit cards in the business. Their Platinum Card pays customers 5 times the rewards points when booking hotels and airfare. Each year clients automatically get a $200 airline fee credit and $200 Uber credit. They are upgraded to elite status when they use their cards to book accommodations with Starwood and Hilton Hotels. The upgrade includes free wifi, late checkout and, in many cases, room upgrades.

Millions of customers use Chase or American Express credit cards to reduce travel costs. The two credit card issuers offer travel-oriented rewards cards which allow customers to earn points that can be used toward airfare or hotel stays. Card perks can also include automatic yearly credits toward travel services.